Monthly Catch-up

Spring Into Strength

Join me for a subtle yet strengthening yoga practice with a focus on those all important core muscles. Featuring supine twists , pelvic tilts , strong table top core energiser , hamstring and hip openers , seated forward folds and twists , bird dog with an added balance challenge , downward facing dog , standing folds with our toes lifted and finishing with a guided yoga nidra Suitable for all abilities

Mind Body and Soul

A hatha style practice for you to enjoy this time , with a focus on holding our postures a little longer to encourage opening and release throughout your muscles. Featuring a new seated twist , pigeon pose and lots of hip release postures . Finishing with a guided yoga nidra relaxation Suitable for all abilities .

Yoga for Every Body

A balanced , nourishing practice for your mind body and soul Starting seated with some gentle preliminary postures , side bends and twists , moving to table top . into a plank / down dog combo , sun salutations , low lunges , chair pose and finishing with bridge pose with a twist and a guided yoga nidra Suitable for all abilities

Morning Yoga Flow – a short and sweet practice for your entire body

Join me for a short and sweet 20 minute practice for your whole body – energising , grounding and nourishing to wake up your mind body and soul. Featuring a vinyasa style practice with breath work , shoulder releases, deep folds , lunges , twists , core and more Suitable for all abilities

Wake up Yoga – 7 Minutes to start your day

Your go to home yoga practice to start your day on the right note Perfect if you are stretched for time – you can even do this in bed ! Super gentle yoga – designed to release any tension through your spine and hips Suitable for all abilities – enjoy